Film Workshop


Ever wondered about the secret behind a movie ? The beauty of the magic that appears before you on the silver screen ! If so then dive right into the Film Workshop, where you will get an opportunity to meet, interact and learn from skilled movie masters about the art of film making. From script writing to post production, it is a long journey that a movie has traveled before it is stretched out wide on the canvas. A movie incepts from the thoughts of a writer and ends up in the thoughts of the spectator.
Have you ever thought of making a movie on your own ? Your ideas, to be passed onto further generations. "Everything I learned, I learned from movies" said Audrey Hepburn, proving us the influence a movie can evoke in us. A movie is a form of art and anyone working for a movie is an artist. So don't you wish to wake up the movie enthusiast in you. Then think no more, for this workshop is the right one for you.


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