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  • Suraj Jagan

    February 1st

    2010 Winner of 'Stardust Award for New Musical Sensation - Male' for the song Give Me Some Sunshine Suraj Jagan is one of the pioneers of the Rock Music Movement in India.

  • Agam-The Band

    January 31st

    Agam is a multiple award winning contemporary Carnatic / progressive rock act from Bangalore.They captivated us with their tracks like "More Balma", "Rudra" and "Brahma's dance".

  • Baiju Dharmajan

    January 30th

    A lead guitarist, music composer, producer based out of Cochin.Baiju was twice voted as the best guitarist at the prestigious Jack Daniel's Rock Awards. Baiju was the lead guitarist for Motherjane

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When Copernicus and Aristotle propounded the very basic laws to govern all natural phenomena they never knew they were paving pathways to the complex world of science and technology. Vidyut believes it's time to discover new proponents to create pathways that can hoist the world to a better scenario. Come forward let's work together to a better world.

Vidyut is resurrecting a new face under the idea that is the cry of the century. "Technology for Humanity".In light of this we have planned to create an exhibition on the topic that could be the cornerstone to realizing development that the world desires: "Smart Village".The exhibition has been planned for higher secondary students of our country, since we believe that the most novel of ideas come with perfect innocence from the sects who are facing a revolutionary makeover in their academic lifestyle. All ideas that can be compared to our topic will be considered worthy. A smart village should have self sufficient setup in its power and other essentials while they should also have proper network in all means with other similar villages to create a better social structure as a whole. Even though the targeted groups happen to be higher secondary student community exhibits, if found worthy, will also be accepted from high school students after consideration by the expert panel. On these circumstances a different judging pattern will be offered for the students.

Rules and Regulations
All ideas should be innovative and strictly have alliance to the topic.

  • The idea should have a scope of feasibility in near future or at least have an innovative touch that could be utilized in the upbringing of newer ideas.
  • Registration is compulsory and no last date entries will be considered
  • Entries have to be submitted online to the site: exhibitions@vidyut.amrita.edu
  • The entries will be scrutinized by an expert committee
  • All selected entries will have to present ideas that they have presented online.
  • Any deterring from the idea will not be accepted
  • The ideas will have to be presented with schematics if any and all other requirements alongside details of the team and the institution to the above described email before or on Jan 20th
  • The space and power requirements have to be presented alongside the schematics along with any other special facilities that is expected.
  • Judging will be done on the basis of innovation, application and presentation of the idea.
  • Each team can contain a maximum of 3 student members and 2 faculty members.
  • The design and schematics plan that is uploaded online should not exceed 200 words.
  • The space and power requirements have to be presented alongside the schematics along with any other special facilities that is expected.
  • Judging will be done on the basis of innovation, application and presentation of the idea.
  • Each team can contain a maximum of 3 student members and 1 faculty members. All students should have ID proofs (School ID's) and a permission letter from their respective schools.
  • The design and schematics plan that is uploaded online should not exceed 200 words.
    • Hospitality details are available in website.
    • Prize money subject to change

Judgement Criteria
Phase 1
The exhibit details will be considered in comparison with our topic and the first set of elimination will be done.

Phase 2
The selected ideas from first phase will be considered by an expert committee appointed by the organizers and will scrutinize the phase 1 list to give a final exhibits list.

Phase 3
An expert panel of judges will consider the exhibits during exhibition. The areas of evaluation would be :

  • Presentation
  • Originality
  • Feasibility

Harigovind : +918086746543
K N Krishnan : +919400868026


IEEE Student Branch and Computer Society chapter Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham proudly presents, for the first time ever in India, Computer History Photography Exhibition. IEEE is the the world’s largest association for the advancement of technology. It has about 425,000 members in about 160 countries. IEEE Computer Society is the largest of 38 societies under IEEE. The Computer Society sponsors workshops and conferences, publishes a variety of peer-reviewed literature, operates technical committees, and develops IEEE computing standards. It supports more than 200 chapters worldwide and participates in educational activities at all levels of the profession, including distance learning, accreditation of higher education programs in computer science, and professional certification in software engineering. The main attractions of the exhibition are :

  1. Photo exhibition
  2. Real Silicon Wafers and Vacuum tubes
  3. 3D show Mini movie-theatre.
  4. A fun room with Kinect motion controlled Games and Find-me-on-Google-earth.
  5. Hands-on models of Napier scale
  6. Hands-on models of Abacus.
  7. Robo exhibits.
  8. Life size cut-out of Google Maps car.
The photo Exhibition will be divided into 10 themes namely
  1. Calculators
  2. Punched Cards
  3. Analog
  4. Birth of computers
  5. Early computers
  6. Mini computing
  7. Real time computing
  8. Mainframes
  9. Robotics and computers
  10. Computer animation
The photo exhibition takes one through the evolution of computers from calculators, punch cards and so on till the latest super computers in chronological order, along with their applications in various fields. Each theme will have high resolution photos of computing devices with separate description for each. The exhibition will also provide students with the rare opportunity to see real Silicon wafers and Vacuum tubes. Another exciting feature is the 20 seater mini-theatre which would show 3D short movies and animations. The Fun room is another eye-catching addition. It includes games using Xbox Kinect controller and an interactive Google earth stall. Two additional TVs will be placed across the exhibition hall which would show various fun facts about computers. Overall the Exhibition provides the students with a visual experience of time travel to see the evolution of computers through the years.


The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), is the primary space agency of India. ISRO is amongst the six largest government space agencies in the world, along with USA's NASA, Russia's RKA, Europe's ESA, China's CNSA and Japan's JAXA. Its primary objective is to advance space technology and use its applications for national benefit. Established in 1969, ISRO superseded the erstwhile Indian National Committee for Space Research (INCOSPAR). Headquartered in Bengaluru, ISRO is under the administrative control of the Department of Space, Government of India.

Swadeshi Science Movement

The Swadeshi Science Movement, is one of the strongest collaboration standing for the retention of the scientific history of the country.It is pioneer in its field of propagation of the Indian scientific history across every citizens minds. We present to you a glance at the rich scientific culture of India shared by the swadeshi movement.

Kerala Minerals and Metals Ltd

Kerala Minerals and Metals Ltd is an integrated titanium dioxide manufacturing public sector undertaking in Kerala, India. Its operations comprise mining,mineral separation, synthetic rutile and pigment-production plants. Apart from producing rutile-grade titanium dioxide pigment for various types of industries, it also produces other products like ilmenite, rutile, zircon, sillimanite, synthetic rutile etc. The company manufactures titanium dioxide through the chloride route. The different grades are produced by KMML under the brand name KEMOX. KMML has always been responsive to social and environmental causes.

National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd

National Thermal Power Corporation Limited is a Central Public Sector Undertaking under the Ministry of Power, Government of India, engaged in the business of generation of electricity and allied activities. The Headquarters of the Company is situated at New Delhi. NTPC's core business is generation and sale of electricity to state-owned power distribution companies and State Electricity Boards in India. The company also undertakes consultancy and turnkey project contracts that comprise of engineering, project management, construction management and operation and management of power plants.